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Hardhat Digest

HardHat Digest is a Quarterly newsletter we send out to our friends, partners, associates and clients. Below are articles taken from the Hardhat Digest. If you woiuld like to receive a hard copy of the Hardhat Digest please fill out the form below or you can simply download the current Hardhat Digest.

Featured Article
When Silence Isn't Golden

Sometimes there is wisdom in saying nothing. However, saying nothing can run its own risks when there is something that needs to be communicated. If you’re the silent type, experts say you run the risk of unnecessary misunderstandings if your lack of communication is merely an avoidance tactic.

Saying nothing, especially when emotions are involved, is akin to handing someone a blank slate—that person may fill in the void with the script that is undoubtedly unfolding in his or her mind. Instead, a few well-chosen words can bring clarity and relief to all. You don’t have to say much, but ignoring trouble spots can buy you exactly what you’re probably trying to avoid—more trouble.

Featured Article
Rebuild Your Brain

Up until about 10 years ago, it was believed that we were born with a fixed number of brain cells that ventually died out. Now scientists know that brain cells regenerate throughout our lives. And one thing seems clear: To keep the sharpest memory you can for as long as you can, get moving. Aerobically, that is. Studies have shown that people who engage in aerobic exercise perform better cognitively and show increased brain volume. In another study, participants who exercised showed lower rates of dementia. That’s because exercise actually encourages neuron generation in the part of the brain that processes memories.


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