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Allan K. Richardson started in the construction business in the late 1940’s, building single family homes in Carlsbad, New Mexico. He embarked on this venture as a way to provide more services with his real estate brokerage. The business soon expanded and, in association with Tom Heflin of Artesia, New Mexico, the Company built numerous commercial as well as institutional projects throughout southern New Mexico during the 1960’s. The most notable of these jobs was Park Junior High School, built during the height of the Cold War. Park is the World’s largest underground school!

In 1965, the Company incorporated in the State of New Mexico as Richardson & Richardson, Inc. Mr. Richardson’s son, Allan K. "Hap" Richardson, II, grew up in the family business — his first job was moving dirt from foundations at the "Quicky" convenience store in Carlsbad. He was 12 years old and earned an outstanding pay rate of 12.5 cents per hour ($1 per day!!!). From this early beginning, Hap’s interest in the industry grew and in 1973 he graduated With Honors from New Mexico State University with a degree in Civil Engineering.

Since joining the firm after college, he has been involved in all aspects of the business from the ground up. He is active in industry associations and is a past president of the New Mexico Building Branch, Associated General Contractors of America. He is active in many charitable endeavors and has also held offices in alumni and masonic groups. Hap was also recently awarded "Outstanding Contributor" at the Jack Miller Network Meeting. Hap’s wife, Kaye, is the company’s controller. His daughter Kathleen also works for the company, putting Richardson & Richardson in the "3rd Generation Family-Run Small Business" category.
The Company underwent a literal transformation in the mid 1980’s with the crash of the oilfield. Up until that time, Richardson & Richardson had operated as a traditional General Contractor bidding all types of jobs that were awarded to the low bidder. With the crash of the whole Eastern New Mexico regional economy, the Company was forced to do something different. That something was to focus on Customers and the realization that the best solution for them was not necessarily the cheapest price. With this, the company adopted and started practicing the attitudes now being called "TQM" and "Partnering", ahead of their time.

Headquarters for Richardson & Richardson were moved to Albuquerque in 1987 and the Company has completed projects in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and throughout New Mexico.

We at Richardson & Richardson are justifiably proud of our Company’s safety record – we have been awarded an Outstanding Safety Performance award from the Associated General Contractors of America seven of the last nine years, including placing second in the Nation in 1994.

We have an extensive safety program that includes a stand-alone safety manual for each supervisor. We routinely provide safety training and refresher courses for our employees, generally utilizing courses sponsored by NM Building Branch, Associated General Contractors. All of our new hires must pass a drug test and we reserve the right to test randomly in the event of an accident.