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Case Studies

Richardson & Richardson is dedicated to providing efficient and cost effective solutions to meet the challenges of traditional and non-traditional construction projects. We have a diverse team of professionals that are ready to go the extra mile to help our clients achieve the finished product they desire and get the job done right. Below are just two examples of how we have met and exceeded the needs and expectations of our clients since 1950.
Case Study 1: The client had a need for a standard building that could be constructed for a fixed cost at a number of different sites. We came up with a solution utilizing a BUTLER pre-engineered building system with pre-finished aggregate wall panels to give a conventional look and adhere to a fast-track schedule.

• 4 days for a completely enclosed building.
• Project completed 4-6 weeks faster.
• Savings of about $20,000.  

Case Study 2: The client was spending between $35,000 and $110,000 per site for  industrial maintenance painting. To compound the problem, the facilities were all located in different states. We were able to assemble a completely self-contained traveling team, billed at a fixed weekly rate. The team was able to quickly complete the work at each site, saving time and money.

• Fixed cost for project.
• $25,000 - $40,000 cost per site.
• Consistent team quality and timeliness.

We started practicing the principles and attitudes now being called "Total Quality Management"(TQM) and "Partnering" back in 1986 and we are proud to have one of the highest repeat business percentages in the industry.