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Featured Projects:
Bank of America
Bank Of America, El Paso, TX

Bank of America has been a steady client of ours since coming to New Mexico in 1990 – in fact, based on our NM performance, we installed all of the Bank’s ATM machines in Dallas- Ft Worth Metroplex and West Texas when they moved into Texas in the early ‘90s.

This project was the renovation of a defunct “fiber optic hotel” in downtown El Paso into a full service branch bank as well as the renovation of the second floor of the historic Cortez building (the coffee shop of the Cortez building is where the Sun Bowl football game was envisioned and started in the early 1930’s). The Cortez offices are used for the International Banking unit.

Features included all of the bank standard finishes and millwork as well as the protection and preservation of the historic finishes in the Cortez building. These jobs were half a block apart, in a congested downtown, and ran simultaneously. We had a very short time frame due to expiring leases and we’re proud to say the bank opened on time.

T- Mobile

Richardson & Richardson was selected to renovate an existing, operating call center in Albuquerque based on our experience completing difficult renovations. This was a tricky project- the logistics required that the center remain open 24/7 all during the renovation and our team completed this job with no downtime.

This 65,000 square foot project featured a complete new entry, new training rooms, new roof system, new computer flooring throughout with data, and all new finishes in a southwestern style.

Raley's Supermarket


Our 30 plus years experience in supermarket construction and renovation lent itself well to several projects for Raley’s Supermarkets, headquartered in Sacramento, CA. This particular job was the complete renovation of a property that Raley’s had acquired a few years earlier.

The interiors of this building are the real star- vinyl composition tile flooring was removed and the concrete was stained and finished with a clear epoxy that provided a unique look and has held up to supermarket traffic better than expected. The ceilings were colored a reddish brown tone to allow the lighting to accent the food below and other decorative touches include ceramic tile and sandstone surfaces.

This store was acquired by Albertson's when raley sold all their NM properties.


Richardson was selected by ConocoPhillips as general contractor for their new operations office at their Gallup, New Mexico plant based on our extensive experience in the oilfield completing jobs for El Paso Natural Gas.

Due to poor soil conditions, the foundation had to be re-designed using a crawl space and piers and the re-design caused the job to extend into winter (not good in Gallup).  This is a pre-engineered building and has explosion proof glazing throughout.

The building is approximately 5,000 square feet and has every modern office technology. The break area has a commercial kitchen for use during training sessions held here.



This project is a typical dine-in / drive thru restaurant and feature full kitchens with exhaust systems and fire protection, seating for 60 people and dual drive up kiosks. Our client, Double Cheese Corp of Albuquerque, builds with an eye toward energy efficiency and low maintenance and all the projects we have completed for them reflect this standard.

This store, located at Louisiana and Paseo del Norte in Albuquerque, included the complete development of a four acre site. The works included all utilities, storm drainage system, turn in lanes off Louisiana and a new street thru the property. The site was then subdivided and used for other commercial purposes.

Schott Solar Facility
Schott Solar Facility

The new Schott Solar facility in Albuquerque represents a huge step for our community in establishing a reputation for high tech manufacturing. Richardson & Richardson was selected as the general contractor for both buildings totaling approximately 200,000 square feet. The facility manufactures both Photovoltaic (PV) panels and Receiver tubes.

This $24 million job is a true factory with numerous robotics and one-of-a-kind machines all operating in a clean environment. Schott had an “impossible” schedule, but we were able to allow them to start production within 8 months of start with full 24/7 production running in less than a year.

Albuquerque High Lofts

Albuquerque High Lofts

Richardson & Richardson recently completed The Lofts at Albuquerque High, a residential urban community situated on a newly renovated historical property. The "campus" consists of two three-story buildings that feature loft style apartments, and a new streetscape for the entire area, all designed by Dekker/Perich/Sabatini.

Old Main, the first building, was completed in 1914. The building is one of the few structures left from that era, and one of the oldest schools in New Mexico. The soaring auditorium space in Old Main was the largest in the city for a number of years. Designed by Trost & Trost of El Paso, TX. Old Main had the newest in gas piping, hardwood floors and real slate blackboards and up to the minute scientific laboratories. The Administration building (nicknamed "the Classroom building") came next, followed by the Library and the Gymnasium. The Gym features a fallout shelter that is still stocked with cold war supplies. There's also a Manual Arts building and a courtyard in the center with a fountain. The school was used through 1976, was abandoned, and remained empty until 2001. Right in the heart of Downtown, this project was an integral part in Albuquerque's plan for the revitalization of that area.

The renovation was done with historical preservation in mind. All entries were restored to original condition, including hardware. The windows were removed and shipped to Chicago, where they were repaired and re-glazed by a restoration expert. Both buildings received all new plumbing, HVAC, fire, alarm, and electrical systems. Elevators and ramps were installed to meet ADA standards of today. The lofts were framed from the classrooms, and some include original blackboards. Lockers were re-installed in the halls to provide tenants an unusual way to store a few items. All floors were restored. One of the biggest challenges was constructing a three-story frame in the "shell" of the old auditorium for the new lofts there. The streetscape featured new landscaping, lighting, two fountains, and the restoration of the wishing-well style bulletin board in the courtyard. The project was AGC's 2002 Best Building and 2002 Best Renovation Winner.