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General Contracting Services | Richardson & Richardson Construction

General Contracting

Richardson & Richardson obtains high-quality materials and subcontractor labor to complete your project on time and on budget. Our team manages day-to-day job site operations, maintaining our commitment to safety and cost effectiveness. We have excellent relationships with our subcontractors and suppliers to ensure your project is not only completed, but that it exceeds your expectations.

Design-Build Solutions | Richardson & Richardson Construction

Design-Build Solutions

The design-build process offers numerous opportunities to save money, reduce construction time, allow customization, optimize quality, and streamline the entire construction experience. The advantages of cost efficiency, time savings, and a collaborative partnership between you and our team ensures you get exactly what you pay for, on time and on budget. Because we are involved from the beginning, we're able to identify efficiencies, added benefits, cost reductions, and project enhancements.

Preconstruction & Planning Services | Richardson & Richardson Construction

Preconstruction & Planning

With many of the same benefits of the design-build process, our preconstruction and planning solutions allow you to begin your project with a clear vision of cost and project scope. We do this by working closely with the owner, architect, and engineers to develop a design, construction schedule, and budget for the project. Our team also assists in permitting, land acquisition, value engineering, and subcontracting. Early involvement in your project allows us to uncover cost-saving opportunities and to address any feasibility issues from the beginning. 

Construction Management Services | Richardson & Richardson Construction

Construction Management

Our team minimizes risks on the job site by partnering with the owner and architect throughout all phases of a project's development. We coordinate your project's construction timeline, materials, budget, and subcontracted vendors to manage overall safety and quality. We also handle any factors that may affect your project, such as payments, scheduling problems, and change orders. These services are performed while maintaining constant communication with the owner, guiding them through the complicated construction process, and ensuring project milestones are met on time.

Butler Builder | Richardson & Richardson Construction

Butler Building Systems

We made the decision to partner with Butler Manufacturing® by joining the largest network of construction professionals in the world to provide our clients with the best steel buildings in the industry. We see many advantages to building pre-engineered steel structures, notwithstanding the unmatched durability and affordability of Butler Buildings. Learn more>

Renovation & Reconstruction Services | Richardson & Richardson Construction

Renovation & Reconstruction

Our construction experience can also help you transform an existing space. Whether you are seeking a partial renovation or a complete overhaul of your building, our team's commitment to safety, quality, and cost effectiveness will bring your project to life. We are sensitive to maintaining the day-to-day operations of your business with little disruption and inconvenience to you and your customers.

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Our Mission Is Clear

Our mission is to provide top-notch customer service in the form of constant communication with owners and stakeholders, identifying cost savings, construction coordination, and maintaining your budget and schedule. 

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